drunk on freedom duncan crossley

Duncan Crossley is Drunk on Freedom, both in name and literally. He is addicted to the intoxication that ideas and images produce when their possibilities are permitted to multiply in the mind. The breadth of his interests and practices, as showcased here in depth, is extraordinary: from canine haute couture and improvised prison weaponry to provincial brutalist architecture and the history of skateboard design. Essentially Duncan is a fetishist, not of the conventional type whose fascination is highly focused but rather he seems to fetishise everything which the world presents to him. It would be reasonable to expect that this sheer promiscuity of vision may lead to artworks of a hasty, slapdash nature. Quite the opposite is true; Duncan brings to each of his works an obsessive level of perfectionism – tools, materials and processes are fetishised in a similar way to the subjects of the work.
Like many artists, Duncan divides his time between studio practice and paid work, but unlike most artists he sees this split as creatively useful. When an artist is able to view everything as at least potentially interesting then a day at work becomes much more than a necessary evil, it becomes a kaleidoscope of visual and poetic potential. In this way Duncan has constructed for himself an enviable position: work in the studio is stimulated and nourished by work outside and vice versa.
All creative work finds its starting point in a set of assumptions, an attitude. Duncan's attitude is complex and paradoxical, encompassing sophisticated innocence, cynical wonderment and clear minded confusion. It is best summarized in an image: Duncan with wide eyes and disbelieving grin, questioning hands held out, laughing while repeating the inescapable mantra, "What the fuck, what the fuck?" - forever amused, bemused and amazed.