drunk on freedom duncan crossley

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These sound pieces were born out of the union between a long and ultimately fruitless search for a robust, powerful ghetto blaster and an underused surplus of hifi equipment. I wanted something that produced a high qualityish sound, with an emphasis on bass volume, that was portable and compatible with any device - ipod or turntable.
The mark-one was to be part of my mobile workshop. A site radio, built as a sonic weapon to drown out the the relentless drone of Capitol Gold and Magic FM that one encounters on building sites. It was a cruder construction than '2' and '3s' using a pair of heavy old Wharfedale's and a Rotel amp. It saw active service in Essex and is now looking for a new home - as are the others. P.O.A Marks 2 and 3 are more refined and function more like large ipod dock type units. Built strong, but with nicer componentry and finish, they've evolved into something more than sturdy on-site sound systems and inhabit an area in the hinterlands of my art output.